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Somali News Update

Wednesday - May 22, 2019

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Tuesday - May 21, 2019


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Somali News Update -Monday - May 20, 2019

MOGADISHU, May 20 (Reuters) - Somalia passed a petroleum sector law on Monday, paving the way for exploration in its waters that could potentially transform the troubled country's economy if hydrocarbon riches are found.

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Somali News Update -Sunday - May 19, 2019

In a restaurant in Eastleigh, a noisy Nairobi suburb, Shariff Omar, a Kenyan Somali, reaches for a brown folder.

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Somali News Update -Saturday - May 18, 2019

A current truck driver shortage in the U.S. is projected to become only more acute in the years ahead. But now, immigrants from among other places, including Africa, are helping fill the need. CGTN’s Hendrik Sybrandy reports.

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Somali News Update -Friday - May 17, 2019

Somali Islamist insurgents are making their own explosives, according to a confidential U.N. report seen by Reuters, as they mount more frequent and deadly attacks.

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Somali News Update -Thursday - May 16, 2019

It’s the second day of Ramadan, and Ramla Ali is wrapping her hands at a boxing gym in London’s East End. It’s now midafternoon, and as a practicing Muslim

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