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Baidoa residents applaud Norway’s commitment to infrastructural development in the region.

by Mohamed Sheikh Nor
Friday, January 18, 2019

The recent construction and renovations of roads in Baidoa have greatly transformed the town and its environs.

The cobblestone project that was funded by the Norwegian government through its development partner NIS Foundation has played a significant role in the provision of road construction materials.

This is indeed a milestone in infrastructural development in the region as ordinary residents heaped praise on the Norwegian government for its worthwhile generosity.

The movement of people and the flow of traffic are fantastic and this will go a long way in opening this region to other places.

The project provided hands-on skills to IDPs and other social outcasts in Baidoa in order for them to be able to get a grip on a great career path that can feed their families in the long run.

“This is really a noble project because it created jobs for us.  It also rehabilitated our roads, Therefore, I thank the Norway government for funding this worthwhile project” said Sabah Abdi, one of the beneficiaries of this project.

A few months ago, there were nothing resembling roads in this neighborhood and roads were almost impassable to vehicle movement.

Residents there hardly left their communities for central Baidoa during the rainy season but now, the cobblestone project has changed for the better in the end.

Signs of hope and progress could be seen as stalls of business sprung up in the rehabilitated roads, which consequently boost the economic prosperity of the town.

“In the past, this road was impossible, and now you can see how things have changed, we thank Norway government for committing itself to this project” Said Fadumo Adam, one of the street vendors.

Somalia has suffered the effects of prolonged civil strife that led to total destruction of the network in the region.

 This project has transformed this town thus making it envy of many.

The beauty of the town can be seen and the road designs are excellent thus enabling the motorists to navigate their ways without any hiccups.

“Now, we can get a ride with ease while staying at our doorstep but we would suffer in the past,” said Hinda Sheikh

Road networks in a key component of development and this will now help the residents of Baidoa to carry out their respective daily duties with ease.

This project was recently inspected and opened by the ministry of Public work in conjunction with the Southwest administration that indeed underscored the significance of this project.

The people of Baidoa should now make the right use of this road network to transform their lives.

Baidoa is gradually changing its face to a modern town that will now attract people from all over Somalia; it’s, therefore, worth noting that cobblestone can really help in the construction of modern roads as the case in Baidoa.

Mohamed Sheikh Nor
Email: [email protected]

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