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Somaliland support leads to prison sentences for four youths in Sool Regional Court

Monday May 6, 2024

Accused individuals await their hearing in a courtroom in the Sool region, as tensions rise over the recent conflict in Las Anod.

Las Anod (HOL) — The Sool Regional Court, governed by the SSC-Khatumo Administration, has handed down a sentence of three years in prison and a $500 fine each to four young individuals for their public support of Somaliland. 

Those convicted—Hamdi Awil Mohamed, 30; Nimco Jamal Mohamed, 20; Khadra Awil Ali, 21; and Abdiwali Jama Hassan, 19—were found guilty of public incitement and displaying patriotism, according to the court's chairman.

The court's decision was based on various pieces of evidence, including videos and statements that showed the individuals endorsing Somaliland. The trial was conducted under Somalia's Criminal Code.

The legal action follows recent tensions in Las Anod, where control of the town was contested last year. After fierce fighting, the city was taken from Somaliland by SSC forces.


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