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Concerns arise over Somalia’s readiness for extradition treaty with Turkey

Friday May 3, 2024

FILE - Hassan Mo'allin Mohamoud, Somalia's Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs

London (HOL) —  Somalia and Turkey have formalized a judicial cooperation agreement that will facilitate the extradition of criminals, prisoners, and suspects. 

The cabinet-approved deal, detailed by Somalia's Minister of Justice and Constitution,
Hassan Mo'allin Mohamoud, addressed concerns about the potential misuse of the agreement for political purposes. He assured that it involves rigorous legal procedures and judicial review in both countries, where evidence against the accused is thoroughly evaluated. "We guarantee that political interests will not interfere with our judiciary and justice system," he stated in an interview with the BBC Somali Service.

Despite these assurances, skepticism persists among some political figures. Former Security Minister Hassan Hundubey Jimale expressed doubts about the Somali judiciary's readiness for such agreements, citing a lack of transparency in government dealings. Similarly, Member of Parliament Ali Mahad Mohamed stressed the need for foundational judicial reforms, like establishing the Judicial Service Commission and the Constitutional Court, before entering such agreements. "Many agreements are made without parliamentary oversight; it is akin to building a house without a foundation," he commented.

Abdi Qadir Mohamed Sheikh, a Somali lawyer who was consulted on the legislation, said that extradition treaties are necessary to prevent international crime. "International judicial cooperation is crucial for addressing such cases," he explained.


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