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Kenya arrests high-profile Al-Shabaab militant Abu Mahir in Lamu

Wednesday May 1, 2024

Nairobi (HOL) — Kenyan security forces have arrested Mustakima Mohammed Ali, also known as Abu Mahir, a suspected member of the militant group Al-Shabaab. Authorities have been pursuing Abu Mahir since 2019 following his alleged involvement in the killings of a police officer and two civilians in the coastal region of Lamu.

The arrest took place while he was travelling by bus from Lamu to Malindi. Officials report that Mustakima had previously been hiding in Boni Forest but fled to Somalia after Kenyan security operations in the area intensified.

"The arrest of Al-Shabaab operatives like Mustakima is a significant victory in our ongoing fight against terrorism," a government spokesperson said. "The government is committed to using all available resources to reduce the terrorist threat."

The Kenyan government also noted that its campaign against Al-Shabaab in Lamu has been effective, leading to fewer terrorist attacks, facilitating local development projects, and bolstering the tourism industry.

Authorities say a manhunt has been launched for other identified suspects still at large.


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