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Hiiraan State President blames al-Shabab for inter-clan fighting

Wednesday May 1, 2024

Beledweyne (HOL) - The President of Hiiraan State and Commander of the Public Defense Forces, Ali Jeyte Osman, has accused al-Shabab militants of instigating the recent inter-clan fighting that occurred along the borders of Hiiraan and Middle Shabelle regions.

Osman, who was among the officials sent by the federal government of Somalia to seek a solution to the conflict, stated on Tuesday that militias from the brotherly communities share a common enemy, namely al-Shabab.

"I urge the youth to allow me to join the fight against the Khawarij. We must unite in this battle," said Ali Jeyte Osman.

The clashes broke out between militias from the Hawadle and Abgal clans in areas spanning the Moqokori and Aden Yabal districts.

"I fail to comprehend why these two families are at odds with each other. When we sit down with each of you, both families claim no issues with their brothers. So, if you regard each other as brothers, who are inciting this war?" added leader Jeyte," Osman continued.

Recent clan conflicts have primarily concentrated along the border between Hiiraan and Middle Shabelle, notably in the districts of Jalalaqsi, Moqokori, Mahaday, and Aden Yabal.


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