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Somalia's government issues stern warning to Somaliland over airspace disruptions

Friday February 23, 2024


Mogadishu (HOL) - Somalia's Ministry of Transport and Aviation has issued a strong warning to Somaliland regarding disruptions to aircraft using Somalia's airspace, particularly those passing through the northern regions of Somaliland.

Transport and Aviation Minister Fardowsa Osman Igaal highlighted numerous instances of aircraft being misled or interfered with while flying through the airspace over Somaliland's northern regions, labelling such actions as unacceptable.

"We have issued several warnings about disruptions caused by the Somaliland administration to aircraft using our airspace, particularly in the northern regions. If these actions continue, we will pursue legal action," Minister Fardowsa Osman stated.

Additionally, Minister Osman emphasized that the Somaliland radio station in Hargeisa must refrain from communicating with planes that have not departed from or landed at its airport.

"Each airport has a designated radio for communication with departing or arriving aircraft. It is unlawful to use these radios for unauthorized communication. Only the radio station in Mogadishu is authorized to communicate with planes using Somalia's airspace. All other communications are invalid. Aircraft are required to follow directives from Mogadishu," reiterated Transport and Aviation Minister Fardowso Ismaab Igal.

The ministry's warning aligns with a statement from the Civil Aviation Authority cautioning Somaliland against disrupting air traffic utilizing Somalia's airspace.


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