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Faysal Ali Warabe raises alarm on electoral law handling in Somaliland

Monday February 12, 2024



Hargeisa (HOL) - Faysal Ali Warabe, UCID opposition party chairman in Somaliland, has publicly criticized the legislative councils' handling of the electoral law under Act No. 91, highlighting procedural concerns and potential impacts on the nation's democratic integrity.

Warabe pointed out a significant disconnect among Somaliland's key governmental and judicial figures, stating, "The chairman, while seated in the council, mentioned he was called to the presidency. It appears there's a lack of coordination among the minister, the parliament speaker, the Supreme Court president, and the senate."

The UCID chairman warned that any delay in finalizing the election could advantage Somaliland's adversaries, exploiting the nation's internal crisis. He advocated for a revision to the election law for associations, proposing a unanimous vote requirement for their election, which would be a departure from the previous threshold of 20% of total votes for association elections across all regions.


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