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Somali forces kill over 20 Al-Shabaab militants in airstrikes, including leaders

Monday February 12, 2024


Mogadishu (HOL) - The Somali government ordered airstrikes in the Al Shabaab-held Jamame district in Lower Jubba on Sunday that were executed by an unnamed international partner. The operation resulted in the deaths of over 20 members of the Al-Shabaab militant group, including key leaders, who were hiding in areas along the riverbanks.

The Somali military and Jubbaland authorities confirmed the success of the airstrikes, which also resulted in the deaths of several foreign militant leaders, though their identities remain undisclosed. The strikes are part of a broader strategy to combat Al-Shabaab in their strongholds, with Somali government forces conducting operations with the support of international partners. 

Al-Shabaab, an Al-Qaeda-linked militant group, seeks to overthrow Somalia's internationally-backed government. Recognized as a terrorist organization internationally, it has conducted numerous attacks against government, civilian, and military targets in Somalia and the Horn of Africa. The recent airstrikes in Lower Jubba are a continuation of efforts by the Somali government and its allies to weaken Al-Shabaab.

The strikes come days after Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on a military training facility in Mogadishu, which resulted in the deaths of three officers from the United Arab Emirates, including a Colonel who was the lead Emirati trainer and at least one officer from Bahrain. 

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