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Puntland arrests "illegal" Ethiopian nationals amid security and migration concerns

Monday February 12, 2024


Bosaso (HOL) - Puntland's security forces detained a significant number of Ethiopian nationals in Bosaso on Sunday night, specifically targeting members of the Oromo ethnic group amid escalating security concerns. The sweep, conducted jointly by the region's navy and police, aims to mitigate the challenges posed by the recent influx of migrants seeking employment, while addressing the risk of affiliations with terrorist groups such as Daesh and Al-Shabaab.

Authorities in Puntland claim that a growing number of Oromo migrants are joining terrorist organizations, posing serious security risks to Bosaso and other major cities in the area. Security officials have informed HOL that detained individuals in Somalia illegally will be deported to Ethiopia by the government.

The operation in Bosaso occurs against a backdrop of rising regional tensions and concerns over security and migration. Specifically, a controversial agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia, granting Ethiopia access to Somaliland's coastline, has inflamed tensions across Somalia, affecting the safety and perception of Ethiopian refugees and migrants. 

The MoU, criticized by Somalia's federal government as an infringement on sovereignty, has led to increased violence against Ethiopians in Somalia, including the Oromo, who have been victims of physical assaults and verbal threats. The situation is further complicated by recent attacks attributed to al-Shabaab militants, targeting Ethiopian nationals and exacerbating fears among the refugee community.


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