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Somali national arrested in Nairobi for assault on British woman

Sunday February 11, 2024


FILE - The accused Abdihakim Saidi Jama in court.

Nairobi (HOL) - A Somali national, Abdihakim Said Jama, was arrested in Nairobi upon his return from China on Friday for the alleged assault of Ayni Hussein Muhammad, a British national, in the Eastleigh district. The arrest followed a warrant for failing to appear in court. Jama was sought in connection to the assault of Ayni Hussein Muhammad, a British national, in Nairobi's Eastleigh neighbourhood.

The altercation between Jama and Muhammad, dating back to October 19, 2022, led to a court hearing scheduled for February 12, with Jama detained until then. His detention was ordered by Makadara Senior Principal Magistrate Hellen Onkwani, who also revoked his previously posted bail, citing Jama's repeated failures to appear in court.

Upon learning of the arrest warrant against him, Jama attempted, through his lawyer, to have it lifted. However, the magistrate ordered his remand for the upcoming hearing of his assault case. Jama's legal representation had previously informed the court of his absence due to attending to his ailing mother in China, a claim contested by Muhammad.

The case against Jama includes allegations of assault and causing bodily harm, which he denies. His legal woes have been compounded by a separate lawsuit accusing him of business-related fraud during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

According to Muhammad, the dispute with Jama, her former employee, began when he attempted to seize control of her business by fraudulently registering her Eastleigh shops under his name, leveraging her absence due to travel restrictions. Despite Muhammad's efforts to reclaim her business through local community mediation, the dispute remains unresolved, with the community's decision to divide the shops not aligning with her expectations.

Jama also faces another legal battle for obtaining registration, with the prosecution outlining his attempts to procure a Kenyan national identity card under false pretenses.

Jama is also facing another legal battle for false registration, with the prosecution detailing his attempts to obtain a Kenyan national identity card under false pretenses


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