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First Somali Grammy winner: K'naan's "Refugee" earns Best Song for Social Change.

Wednesday February 7, 2024


Toronto (HOL) - Somali-Canadian artist K'naan has been awarded the 2024 Grammy for "Best Song for Social Change" for his impactful single "Refugee," a collaboration with Gerald Eaton and Steve McEwan. As the 66th Annual Grammy Awards celebrated the best in music from the past year, K'naan's "Refugee" stood out not just for its musicality but for its message. Trevor Noah hosted it at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles. This award celebrates K'naan's deeply resonant message amidst a global refugee crisis, a theme that has characterized much of his work and personal journey.

After a hiatus that spanned over a decade, K'naan returned to the music scene with "Refugee," his first and only release of 2023 since his 2012 collaboration on "Nothing to Lose." Known for his 2010 hit "Wavin' Flag," which became an unofficial anthem for the World Cup, K'naan has consistently woven social and political themes into his music, using it as a platform to advocate for change and awareness. K'naan's Grammy victory is a landmark in his career, firmly establishing him as a voice of conscience in the music industry. With roots in Mogadishu and a life story that spans continents, his work embodies the experiences of the displaced, the marginalized, and the resilient. 

Drawing inspiration from his own experiences and the rich tapestry of Somali poetry, K'naan's "Refugee" is both an ode and a reclamation of identity for those displaced by conflict. In an Instagram post, he shared, "In the dictionary, 'refugee' is synonymous with a displaced person, fugitive, outcast. In Somali, the word feels like drifter or homeless. I wanted to write a song that felt like a home for those of us made homeless by conflict." 

The song's reception and accompanying music video, which has garnered over 221,000 views since its June 2023 premiere, reflect the profound impact of K'naan's message. 

The Recording Academy introduced the Best Song for Social Change Special Merit Award in 2022 to honor music that addresses social issues and inspires positive global impact. 




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