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Authorities arrest man for setting pregnant wife on fire

Tuesday February 6, 2024


Mogadishu (HOL) - Somali government forces arrested Sayid Ali Moalin Haji Daoud on Tuesday, accused of a brutal act against his pregnant wife by setting her on fire in late January, sparking widespread outrage across Somalia.

The coordinated arrest involved police, security forces, and public defenders, targeting Daoud in the Adeiley area, where he was found hiding. The operation also led to the detention of two of Daoud's accomplices, Ingris Fanaxeey and Abdirisaq Moalin Daoud Aluke, in the Gawaan area of the Mudug region, accused of aiding his escape attempt by boat.

Luul Abdiaziz, a dedicated worker at Aden Adde Airport and a mother of six, was killed alongside her unborn child. This incident, deeply rooted in jealousy and cruelty, underscores the dire circumstances faced by many women in Somalia, where domestic violence remains a threat to their safety and well-being.

The Somali Police Command confirmed the arrests, stating that those who played a pivotal role in the operation will be rewarded as previously promised.

The broader context of gender-based violence in Somalia, as highlighted by the tragic deaths of three women in marriage disputes within a single week, underscores a systemic problem exacerbated by the lack of robust legal frameworks and support systems for victims. 

The outcry following these incidents, including calls from parliament for urgent investigations.

The arrest of another individual in Afgooye, armed with gasoline and a matchbox with the alleged intent to harm his family, further emphasizes the urgency of addressing this issue. 


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