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Somaliland Electoral Commission sets November for Presidential and Party elections

Saturday April 20, 2024

HARGEISA (HOL) — The Somaliland Electoral Commission announced on Saturday that presidential and political party elections are scheduled for November 13, 2024.

Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Muse Hassan Yusuf, revealed that the three existing parties—Kulmiye, UCID, and Waddani—will compete in the presidential election. He added that ten political organizations will vie for positions in the political party elections alongside Kulmiye, UCID, and Waddani.

Earlier in 2024, the Parliament enacted a new electoral law authorizing simultaneous political party and presidential elections for the first time. The law also set the election date for November 13, 2024.

The upcoming election is anticipated to resolve a longstanding political dispute between the ruling party and the opposition. This dispute has previously led to clashes between opposition supporters and the police in several cities across Somaliland.


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