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Puntland Election Commission postpones voting in three districts due to security concerns

Wednesday May 24, 2023


Garowe (HOL) - Amidst a backdrop of mounting security concerns and anti-election unrest, the Puntland Election Commission has announced an indefinite postponement of elections in three districts, including the region's capital, Garowe.

In a public statement, the commission unveiled plans for a dedicated period of dialogue intended to resolve the burgeoning election disputes that have disrupted the democratic process.

The districts affected by this decision, Garowe, Dangarayo, and Godob-Jiraan, all fall within the jurisdiction of the Nugaal region. In these areas, armed factions aligned with opposition politicians have actively obstructed the electoral process, impeding the delivery of crucial election equipment and issuing threats to disrupt polling stations.

Meanwhile, as these districts grapple with these challenges, the commission has confirmed that the rest of Puntland's districts will proceed with local government elections tomorrow as scheduled.

While the timeline for resuming the suspended elections remains uncertain, the Election Commission has committed to announcing a new date for the affected districts, a move designed to restore faith in the democratic process amidst the tumult.


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