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Somali police command dismisses officers for drug use and violating Ramadan

Wednesday May 24, 2023

Former police officers Abdullahi Mohamed Ahmed (L) and Abdirisak Adan Alasow (R). Credit/ SONNA

Mogadishu (HOL) - The Somali Police Command has dismissed two officers, Abdirisak Adan Alasow and Abdullahi Mohamed Ahmed, due to illicit drug use and consumption of food forbidden during the holy month without substantiated medical reasons.

The command issued a statement directed to the capital's security institutions and residents, identifying the dismissed officers, both by name and through accompanying photographs. They confirmed that these officers are no longer part of the Somali Police Force.

The dismissal stems from a breach of the Police Force Act, which was enacted to maintain ethical standards within the force. The two officers engaged in behaviour deemed both immoral and unethical. They violated their religious commitments by consuming illicit substances and haram food within their community during Ramadan.

It is currently unclear whether the Police Command will take further legal actions against Alasow and Ahmed.


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