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Violence erupts again in Wanlaweyn district as clan feud escalates

Tuesday May 23, 2023


Mogadishu (HOL) - Tensions are high in Wanlaweyn district, located in the Lower Shabelle region, as reports emerge of a conflict today between two local tribal militias.

The palpable tension in the district trails an altercation earlier this week in the Yaaq Bariweyne area, which resulted in the loss of 10 lives and injured numerous others.

The feud between the militias is rooted in a longstanding land dispute. Fears of escalating violence are mounting, with reports indicating that the two factions are currently in a standoff.

These militias have a history of conflict, having clashed repeatedly in the past. The hostilities have been notably intense in parts of the Wanlaweyn district.

It is unclear if there are any efforts to mediate the dispute.


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