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Somali presidential envoy denies involvement in Garowe militia clash

Wednesday May 17, 2023


Garowe (HOL) - In a vehement denial of allegations of his involvement in a violent clash in Garowe, the Special Envoy for International Trade and Investment for the Somali President, Khadar Abdirahman Mohamed, finds himself at the center of escalating political tensions. The incident, which took place Monday night, involved a confrontation between Puntland forces and tribal militias near the airport, leading to the death of two Puntland navy soldiers and injuries to around ten others.

Security officials reported that the conflict was sparked when clan militia forces attacked troops escorting ballot boxes near the airport. Several airlines suspended flights to Garowe on Tuesday due to growing security concerns.

Khadar Faroole, denying any role in the incident, asserted his commitment to stability and peace, stating, "President Hassan Sheikh cannot be held responsible for his statements about Puntland issues. He is the President of Somalia, and I serve as his ambassador for trade. The role of my office is to promote stability and peace, so I fail to see how I could cause instability."

The turmoil was further stirred when Abdi Farah Juha, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Puntland, accused President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of supporting and organizing the attack through Faroole, his envoy. Juha claimed that the attack was orchestrated at Faroole's residence.

In a sharp retort, Faroole accused Juha of disrespecting the Somali President, alleging that it was Juha himself who had orchestrated the attack in Garowe.

Adding to the situation's complexity, Faroole's father, former Puntland President Abdirahman Faroole, is among the opposition groups boycotting the upcoming local council elections scheduled for May 25, 2023. President Deni has been accused of election mismanagement and fraudulent practices by these opposition politicians.

Last week, Somali Prime Minister Hamza insisted on the federal government's refusal to accept an election process that could destabilize Puntland. He stressed the importance of conducting elections in a mutually agreed-upon manner while preserving the freedom of individual participation, as a means to maintain Puntland's stability.


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