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Abdirahman Abdishakur alarmed by recent killings of senior SNA officers

Saturday January 21, 2023


Mogadishu (HOL) – A federal lawmaker and Somali President's Special Envoy for Drought Relief, Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame, said that the rate at which al Shabaab has killed senior SNA officers in ambush attacks has become alarming.

Abdishakur made his comments in a statement following the death of the Deputy Commander of the 16th Danab Brigade, Major Hassan Osman Tuure. 

The commander was killed in Friday's al Shabab attack in Gal'ad district in the Galgadud region.

The envoy described the late commander as a hero in the fight against al Shabab but said he was alarmed at the rate of senior commanders being eliminated by the militant insurgents.

Abdishakur noted how several SNA officers in charge of the liberation operations were ambushed, adding that military planners were not learning lessons from previous al Shabaab attacks.

He said it was a shame that veteran officers like Colonel Abshir Mohamud (Shataqey), who was killed in the recent Hawadley attack, were being "hunted."

"We should replace photos on social media with the photos of our real war heroes who sacrificed their lives, minds, body and time in the fight against terrorism. We need to appreciate our heroes with medals of bravery and not forget the value of their sacrifice," the envoy added.

At least five top commanders leading the ongoing anti-al Shabab offensive to liberate Galmudug and Hirshabelle were killed in two weeks in separate attacks in Mogadishu, Halgan, Hilowle-Gaab, Hawadley and Gal'ad.

The senior officers include Mohamed Mumin Elmi Saney, who was killed in Mogadishu; Colonel Abdishir Mohamud Mohamed Shataqeyn, who was killed in Hawadley in the Hiiraan region; Omar Yarisow, who was killed in Lower Shabelle region; Jamal Ahmed Jama, who was killed in Hiiraan's Halgan district and Deputy Commander of the 16th Danab Brigade Major Hassan Osman Tuure, who was killed on Friday in Gal'ad.

All the top commanders were killed in al Shabab ambush attacks amid the government-led operation underway in the south and central regions.

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud extended his condolences to the Somali National Army and family over the death of officers and soldiers killed in Friday's al Shabab attack on a military base in central Somalia region.

President Mohamud described the late deputy commander Hassan Tuure as a hero who was martyred in operation to liberate his country.

"Commander Hassan Ture was martyred during an operation to liberate his country, and he is a hero that history will remember fondly. Somalia will remember him for his integral role in eradicating the Khawarij from Somalia. He was a symbol of the liberation of Somalia from the Khawarij, and his leadership role will be filled by other heroes of the Somali National Army who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the defence of their country." said the President.


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