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Somali President inaugurates newly built Galmudug Presidential palace

Sunday November 20, 2022

Dhusamareb (HOL) - Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, together with the President of the Galmudug State, Ahmed Abdi Kariye QoorQoor, attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new building of the Galmudug Presidential palace in Dhusamareb on Sunday.

President Mohamud commended Galmudug state leaders for their efforts in constructing public interest centers, emphasizing that the implementation of this project and the struggle to liberate the areas under al-Shabab control reflects the decision made by the Galmudug leaders and its people.

"This historic step represents the people of Galmudug's genuine struggle to improve their future. In Galmudug, I see a symbol of governance and people who have made a legacy decision, and that is where we want to lead our people."

Ministers, lawmakers, the Vice President of Galmudug and Speaker of the Galmudug Parliament, were also attended the inauguration ceremony of the new Galmudug Presidency.

On Saturday, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud visited the front-line city of Bahdo in Galmudug State, where he toured army positions, commending the Somali National Army and local communities in the ongoing military offensive aimed at eradicating international terrorism in Somalia.

He urged the people to continue working with government forces in the coming months to liberate the small villages under al-Shabab control in Galmudug.

Mohamud vowed to continue the "all-out war" against terrorism as the Somali government forces backed by local clan militia liberated scores of villages in Hiiraan, Galgadud and Middle Shabelle regions, killing over two thousand al-Shabab militants in recent months.


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