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'Ma'awisley' militias ambush al Shabab base, killing 20 al-Shabab militants

Friday November 18, 2022

Mogadishu (HOL) - At least 20 al-Shabab militants were reportedly killed in heavy fighting between al-Shabab and local clan militia forces near Moqokori district in Hiiraan region on Friday morning.

A local militia official for Ma'awisley told the media that the fighting began after they attacked the group's army base in Mabah village, located between Moqokori and Adan Yabal.

He went on to say that Ma'awisley forces destroyed the group's main base in Mabah village, where militants were used to organizing its attacks in the Hiiraan region's Moqokori and Buulaburte districts.

The Ma'awisley militia is made up of farmers turned fighters and is in the front line of the battle for Somalia's stability. They called themselves "Ma'awisley," a reference to the sarong many of them wear.

Somali government forces backed by local clan militia forces recaptured Adadey village in the Middle Shabelle region after al-Shabab militants withdrew from the town on Thursday.

General Ahmed Mohamed Alasoow Tareedishe, the supervisor of the forces, told the media that the capture of the village would make it easier for the joint forces to retake Runnirgood town, which has been under the control of al Shabaab for several years.


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