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‘Abdi and Abdi’ ​​on the hunt for records in Rotterdam marathon

Sunday April 10, 2022

The two Abdis are the eye-catchers at the 41st edition of the Rotterdam marathon on Sunday. The Dutchman Abdi Nageeye and the Belgian Bashir Abdi heroically won silver and bronze in the marathon at the Olympic Games last year. In the classic over 42.195 kilometers through the Maasstad, the born Somali friends go on the hunt for new record times.

Last autumn, when the Rotterdam marathon was moved to the autumn due to corona, Abdi won the race in a course and European record of 2.03.36. Nageeye would like to sharpen his Dutch record, which stands at 2.06.17.

More than 18,000 runners will start the full marathon at 10:00, with the start at the foot of the Erasmus Bridge. A ship’s horn serves as the starting gun, because the organization found the usual cannon shots inappropriate because of the war in Ukraine.

Björn Koreman, Ronald Schröer and Richard Douma are targeting the limits for the World Championships (2.10.00) and European Athletics Championships (2.12.30). Both tournaments will be completed in quick succession next summer. With the women, Nienke Brinkman makes her debut in the top field. The former hockey star surprised last year with 2.26.34 in the Valencia marathon, the third time ever run by a Dutchman.



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