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Somali embassy in Nairobi to resume operations on Monday-ambassador Tarsan

Saturday July 3, 2021

MOGADISHU (HOL) - Operations at the Somali embassy in Nairobi will resume on Monday about seven months since it closed following a collapse of relations between Kenya and Somalia.

Speaking during the official reopening of the embassy on Friday, Somalia’s ambassador to Kenya Ahmed Nur Tarsan said the embassy will resume business on Monday.

"I would like to inform the Somali community that on Monday the embassy will resume its services,” ambassador Tarsan said.

Ambassador Tarsan also noted relations between the two countries were gradually healing noting the people of the two countries cannot be separated given the long-standing ties.

“Our relationship with Kenya is sometimes low and sometimes high but cannot separate our people who are always moving and doing business. Somalis must understand that we are brothers and [can] overcome the recurring conflicts."

The two countries announced resumption of relations mid last month after a freeze last November which led to closure of the respective embassies. Somalia expelled Kenya’s ambassador to Somalia General Lucas Tumbo in November 2020 and the subsequently ordered the closure of the embassy and exit off staff by mid-December.

But the two countries have since normalised ties. Ambassador Tumbo who has since returned to Mogadishu met with Prime Minister Mohamed Roble on Thursday in Mogadishu.

“PM Roble assures Somalia’s commitment to continue improving bilateral relations with Kenya,” a statement from the PM’S office read in part.


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