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PM Roble responds to Farmaajo, accuses him of clinging to power

Sunday December 26, 2021

MOGADISHU (HOL) -  Prime Minister Mohamed Roble has fired back at President Mohamed Farmaajo accusing him of seeking to derail the elections and secure more extended stay in office.

In a sharp rejoinder following Farmaajo’s accusations Saturday night, Roble said the outgoing president had attempted severally to undermine the elections since he handed him over the responsibility in May this year.

“Since the Prime Minister took over the leadership of the electoral process, the President has been constantly hindered the implementation of the agreed-upon elections, using various tactics,” the PM said. “The president has spent time, money and mind during his tenure in office in an attempt to ensure that the elections are only responsive to his will or pave the way for a term extension.”

The PM’s response follows a statement Saturday night from President Farmaajo who accused the PM of failing to conduct the elections and taking unilateral decisions including disrupting the work of the electoral bodies.

Farmaajo said he was convening a national meeting with Federal Member State leaders ‘to agree on a leadership capable of implementing comprehensive and transparent elections in the country.’

In his response, Roble said the convening of the meeting which comes as another one slated for tomorrow ‘is a plan by the President to prevent the meeting from taking place which clearly indicates that the President will never condone and will not relinquish power in this country to the people of Somalia.’

The National Consultative Council meeting chaired by the PM and comprises FMS leaders is expected to kick off tomorrow in Mogadishu.



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