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FEIT members axe poll agency boss

Sunday December 26, 2021

Mogadishu (HOL) -  The Chairman of the Federal Electoral Implementation Team was dismissed on Saturday following a near-unanimous vote by members of the 18-person committee.

Mohamed Hassan Irro was removed as the leader of Somalia’s electoral commission by a vote of 15-3.  Irro’s Deputy, Mowlid Matan, chaired the vote.

Mowlid Matan said that the move to dismiss Irro came after a lengthy investigation into his conduct as Chairman.

Speaking to media following the vote, members of the electoral commission said that Irro had become involved in politics, corruption, incompetence and had not consulted other commission members when making critical decisions.

Irro was widely seen as an ally of Villa Somalia, and many suspect that he utilized his position as election commission chairman to fulfill Villa Somalia’s political objectives.

He most recently came under fire for validating the electoral results of acting NISA director Yasin Farey, despite an avalanche of complaints regarding the process.


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