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Farmaajo accuses PM Roble of failing to deliver elections mandate, hints at his removal from elections management

Sunday December 26, 2021

MOGADISHU (HOL) - President Mohamed Farmaajo had accused his Prime Minister Mohamed Roble for failing to deliver his election mandate and called for a national conference in an indication he might be clawing back authority to oversee the long-delayed process from the PM.

In a statement Saturday night, Villa Somalia said the President was concerned that the PM had failed to complete the elections and was now making his own decisions which are ‘detrimental’ to the electoral process.

The PM, the statement read in part, ‘had deviated from the rules of the electoral process, he tore apart the mandate of the electoral commissions and violated their independence.’ Villa Somalia also accused the PM of being ‘slow’ in implementing the electoral mandate which was handed to him by the President on May1 this year.

In light of these, Villa Somalia said, the PM was convening a national conference bringing together Federal Member State leaders and ‘to agree on a leadership capable of implementing comprehensive and transparent elections in the country.’ It did not however set a date for the meeting.

The remarks come barely a week after PM Roble made changes at the Elections Dispute Resolution Committee (EDRC) removing the chairman and six other members. Villa Somalia was incensed by the move and has since wedged a move to remove the PM from managing the elections.

The Federal Indirect Elections Team (FIET) has also been rocked by leadership wrangles. The electoral body members announced in a meeting on Saturday that they had relieved the chairman Mohamed Irro of his role accusing him of partisanship and unilateral decisions.

The announcement by Villa Somalia comes in the eve of a National Consultative Council meeting convened by the PM for tomorrow.


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