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FGS-FMS consultative talks resume in Mogadishu

Wednesday April 7, 2021

MOGADISHU (HOL) -  Federal and regional state leaders have convened in Somali capital to discuss the main agenda for a crucial electoral summit which is expected to kick off soon.

In a statement, Somali information ministry said the groundwork meeting resumed this morning at Afisyoni, a large makeshift structure inside the heavily-guarded airport perimeter.

“Preliminary talks between Federal Government of Somalia and regional authorities have begun in Mogadishu today. Somalia’s President HE. Farmaajo is chairing the meeting,” the ministry said.

The resumption of the talks comes hours after international community urged Somali political stakeholders to resolve their differences over electoral process ahead of the Holy month of Ramadan.

"Noting the importance of the planned FGS-FMS summit, international partners urge that this Somali-led and Somali-owned dialogue lead to the resolution of all outstanding issues and permit implementation of the September 17 electoral process,” Somali partners said in a statement. “Such an agreement, symbolizing unity, compassion, and care for others, would demonstrate leadership and concern for the Somali nation and offer a special Ramadan gift to the people of Somalia."

National Economic Advisors (NEA) has echoed the call for amicable solution, warning that failure of the talks could plunge the country into chaos.

“The NEA are concerned that continued political instability will simply replace the previous dysfunctional unitary system with a completely nonfunctional federal one,” Somali economic advisors.


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