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Djibouti deports 16 Tigrayian soldiers amid military crackdown in Ethiopia

Friday November 6, 2020

NAIROBI (HOL) - Djibouti is deporting over ten Ethiopian soldiers allied to the rebel Tigrayian Defence Forces.

According to local media, the 16 soldiers among them colonels and commanders were captured by the Presidential Guard and have been in custody of the national intelligence agency where they were being investigated.

The soldiers reportedly entered Djibouti on Tuesday amid a military crackdown in Tigray region.

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The 16 soldiers, Djibouti News reports were to be flown back to Ethiopia on Wednesday. It was not immediately clear if the deportation took effect.

The move comes amid heightened state of conflict in Ethiopia following the killings witnessed in Tigray region.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed deployed the military in the region Wednesday and declared a state of emergency there.

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