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President Farmaajo directs state agencies to speed-up durable disaster plans

Saturday November 2, 2019

BELEDWEYNE (HOL) - President Mohamed Farmaajo has directed state agencies to expedite the process of developing disaster prevention plans which will provide permanent and sustainable solutions to recurrent natural disasters in the country.

Speaking during a visit of floods affected district of Beletweyne Saturday, President Farmaajo said a durable solution must be put in place to alleviate suffering of affected communities especially in light of recurrent floods and droughts in the country.

The President who waded through the floods to reach the affected communities also applauded the emergency relief efforts spearheaded by the National Floods Emergency Committee. He also lauded the cooperation of the local community.

President Farmaajo also thanked the government of Djibouti for the donation of relief supplies. A plane carrying the supplies arrived in Mogadishu Saturday afternoon carrying medicine, mattresses, mosquito nets and tents designed to provide shelter for displaced people.

According to an update by FAO Friday, 160,000 have been displaced in Beletweyne and a total of 111 villages affected by the floods. A land mass of 15,504 hectares is flooded, the update reads.


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