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Two Somalis killed in anti-immigrant attacks in South Africa

Hiiraan Online
Friday October 5, 2018

Photo file: Xenophobic Attack in South Africa

JOHANNESBURG (HOL) – Two Somali businessmen have been shot dead when a gang of armed men attacks them in their business premises in the South African City of Pretoria, witnesses said Friday.

In recent years, anti immigrant violence, sparked by the high employment by South African locals accusing foreigners of taking jobs from citizens have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of immigrants, including dozens of Somalis killed since last year in addition to frequent robbery attack targeting foreign-owned businesses.

According to witnesses who spoke to HOL, the latest attacks occurred after armed gangs posing as shoppers have shot dead the two Somali traders by the name Abdifatah Gurey and Muhim Hussein in their respective shops.

The attackers have reportedly staged robbery on the shops afterwards.

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Such attacks, parts of ongoing anti-immigrants deadly violence are a persistent problem for the immigrants, especially Somalis who have already fled their country due to insecurity and violence, largely by the Al-Qaeda linked al-Shabab group to start a new life in South Africa.

For years, South African police have been accused of being complicit in attacks against immigrants, something that prompted many immigrants including Somalis to possess illegal arms in a desperate attempt to defend themselves and their properties against gangs.

Many immigrants have since been arrested and charged for possessing illegal arms after killings of gangs trying to rob businesses owned by immigrants who complained that they have acted in self-defense grounds.

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