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Jubbaland President praises SNA for war on Al-Shabaab

Hiiraan Online
Monday June 11, 2018

Jubbaland State leader, Ahmed Mohamed Madoobe has praised Somali National Army (SNA) soldiers for their strategies in fighting Al-Shabab Militants saying the troops disintegrated the militants.

According to Somali Military, over 25 terrorists were killed on Sunday in Sanguni village following fierce gun battle between SNA forces and Al-Shabab fighters.

Addressing the troops in Sanguni village, 30km north of Kismayo town, Madobe said the recent operations against the militants have borne fruits as Al-Shabaab fighters were dismantled.

"I appreciate your efforts to stabilize this region, it is now clear that you are on the way to uproot these anti-peace terrorists. The braveness and hardworking you have shown degraded Al-Shabaab's ability to attack this region," said Madoobe.

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He vowed that operations against Al-Shabaab militants will be continued till the whole region liberated from the Al-Shabab terrorist group.

"The fighting will continue until Al-Shabab bring to its knees. We will provide you (soldiers) all your requirement to annihilate these terrorists in the region," he pledged.

The leader called on the residents of Sanguni village to work closely with the troops.

The remarks of Jubbaland leader came hours after SNA officials claimed to have killed over 25 Al-Shabaab fighters in clashes near Sanguni.

Ismail Sahardiid, the commander of the 43rd battalion of SNA said national troops backed by U.S. forces launched successful operations to neutralise Al-Shabaab fighters in Lower Jubba region.

“The Somali  National Army with support from the American forces have attacked Sanguuni town from two different directions and we recapture the town and the forces also recovered weapons and military equipment from Al-Shabaab fighters,” he said.

He confirmed that 35 Al-Shabab were captured alive during the operations.

“The operation by Somali government soldiers with the support of the international partners have captured 35 Al-Shabaab fighters and took over the control of the town,”  he affirmed.

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