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KENYA: Bus services suspended in Mandera over insecurity

Hiiraan Online
Wednesday November 8, 2017

Muslim passengers defended Christian passengers when members of the al-Shabab militant group attempted an attack on December 21. Above, rescue workers walk near a Nairobi-bound bus that was ambushed outside Mandera town, near Kenya's border with Somalia and Ethiopia, November 22, 2014.

Nairobi (HOL) - The government of Kenya on Tuesday suspended bus services in Mandera town for three days after an Al-Shabab attack on police escort near Kenya's border with Somalia.

Al-Shabaab militants killed over 12 police officers on Monday after the group attacked police convoy between Dhabacity and Borehole villages.

Mandera county commissioner, Fredrick Shisia said the suspension is meant to reshuffle security escort for Passenger’s Service Vehicle (PSV) buses within Mandera County.

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“Arising from the Monday attack, we have decided to suspend the movement of buses along the road as we assess the security situation,” Mr Shisia told the media.

The commissioner said the security supervisors are discussing security issues.

“Once this is done we shall resume bus escort. We regret the incident and inconveniences caused but the passengers in Elwak town will be escorted to Mandera town,” he said.

Abdikadir Omar Moor, a driver of one of bus companies in the region confirmed the suspension saying “ We have cancelled all our travels after the government issued travel suspension.”

Two police Land-Cruisers were burnt after RPGs fire by Al-Shabaab militants hit them leading the death of 12 soldiers.

Al-Shabaab, Al-Qaida affiliate have in recent months targeted police vehicles escorting buses.

Kenyan troops entered Southern Somalia in 2011 to fight Al'Shabaab insurgents, later joining AU forces.

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