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Kenya Defence Forces assures of security, downplays Jubaland war

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The military has downplayed claims that the ongoing factional fighting in Kismayu may affect peace and stability in the country and the region at large.

Chief of Kenya Defence Forces ( KDF) General Julius Karangi said the fighting in Kismayu over power is normal and that the crisis will soon be solved. He said the Kenyan troops under Amison are still in control of much of the affected areas and sought to assure Kenyans of their security.

He added that a group of leaders from Somalia central government and Jubaland are having talks to solve their differences.

Karangi denied allegations of Kenya’s involvement in the election of Ahmed Mohamed Islam, best known as Ahmed Madobe, as the president of the regional State of Jubaland, adding that the people of Jubaland held the elections on their own and elected their leader in accordance with their laws.

He made the remarks when he presided over the opening of the third military course at the Kenyatta University. He said Kenyan troops still control large parts of Jubaland especially Kismayu.


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