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Regional football development courses get under way in central Somalia
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Semi-autonomous regional state of Himan and Heeb is hosting second edition of 2012 regional football development courses for coaches, referees.

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ADADO (Himan and Heeb) - The semi-autonomous Somali regional state of Himan & Heeb is hosting the second edition of the 2012 regional football development courses for coaches and referees from different cities across the regional state.

According to SFF secretary General Abdi Qani Said Arab, the development courses are part of the SFF campaign under the slogan of 'spread football' throughout Somali regions which has been under way for the past several years.

"Today our dream has come true as we have opened development courses for 20 coaches and 20 referees who will benefit from these courses for the following five days, i.e.(30th Oct-3rd November 2012)" Somali Football Federation education officer and referee instructor Ali Mohamed Ahmed told

the opening ceremony.

Practical and theoretical lessons are being taken during the development courses.

The education officer Ali Mohamed Ahmed who spoke at the opening ceremony of the courses on Tuesday on the behalf of Somali Football Federation said he was very grateful to the Himan &Heeb regional state for the high level welcome and for offering to host the development courses.

"The SFF had already decided to promote football knowledge in the territory of Somalia-this means the development courses will be spread throughout the country" education officer Ali Mohamed Ahmed told the opening ceremony.

He passed special greetings from Somali Football Federation president Ali Said Guled Roble, executive committee members and the Secretary General Abdi Qani Said Arab who was the inventor of the regional development activities just several years ago.

Interior minister for Himan & Heeb Somali regional state Mr. Osman Ali Mire who officially launched the courses first thanked the Somali Football Federation for having conducted such development courses in his regional state. He urged the participants to show commitment and hardworking during the development courses which he said were useful for the region's football promotion.

The minister underlined that his administration was fully contented with such efforts by the Somali Football Federation to enhance the education of football officials in his region.

The courses are part of the development programs that Somali Football Federation has set as its action plan for the year 2012 whereby the SFF is planning to organize the inter-regional football tournament for peace and development by the end of December this year.


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