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Humanitarian Aid to be Sent to Somalia, South Sudan
ERR News
Monday, May 07, 2012
The Foreign Ministry announced its annual humanitarian aid contributions to Somalia and South Sudan.

Despite a global effort to help Somalia, the country's humanitarian situation has worsened as a result of drought, with 4 million people needing food aid every day, 250,000 of whom are face the threat of starvation. Estonia is this year allocating 70,000 euros for Somalia through the World Food Program.

Another 50,000-euro contribution is being made to the United Nations Children's Fund project in South Sudan. This sum will be put toward improving education.

After becoming an independent nation last year, South Sudan remains to be one of the least developed countries in the world.

Access to education has become a major problem, complicated by a continuing military conflict with Sudan, as well as natural disasters such as floods. Many schools have been destroyed and others are occupied by the military. Amidst the crisis, the education system has become dependent of foreign aid, according to the Foreign Ministry.

The United Nations is seeking 598 million euros in aid for South Sudan in 2012. It has so far received 30 percent of this sum.


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