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Somalia Celebrates Olympic Day In 20 Years
P.M. News
Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This year, the international Olympic day commemorations were observed with sports and dance in Somalia after failing to mark it for past two decades as Somalia emerges from years of conflicts to the atmosphere of peace and stability.

Both athletes and traditional dancers who took part in this year’s Olympic day events in Somalia traveled from far flung places to the capital with no Islamist fear or other restrictions. This has happened for the first time in more than 20 years,

The global day was commemorated with different sports events including running, relay, karate and teakwondo and traditional dance.

Among those performing the traditional dance was the President of Somali National Olympic Committee, Duran Ahmed Farah, who said because of his excitement with the arrival of the international day commemoration he couldn’t hold himself from taking part in the traditional event.

A colourful conclusion ceremony was held at the ill-equipped 1st July Basketball Stadium where cash, medals of gold, silver and bronze and other awards were given to the athletes who entered in the 1st-5th stages of the competitions held to mark on the international day.

The traditional dancers were also presented gold medals while journalists who gave much time to cover the international day events were awarded with certificates of honor.

Ahmed Farah, who addressed at the conclusion ceremony of the two-day long Olympic day celebrations, noted that this year the Olympic day commemoration was more populous and more interesting than those held for the past two decades because of the calm returning to the country.

“We have observed very colorful Olympic day celebrations, athletes run from so far distances until they have arrived the finish lines—we have also hundreds of school children including boys and girls who were more happier today than they were last year or before” the Somali NOC President said.


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