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Alert as bomb is discovered in Ngong

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A bomb was discovered in Ongata Rongai late Monday, raising fears of terrorism activities in the capital, Nairobi.

The unexploded bomb was discovered by a farmer who was digging a trench on the roadside at an area known as Ole Motondo, police said.

“The bomb was found when a member of the public was digging a water furrow along the road. He saw a suspicious object and called the police,” Nairobi Provincial Police chief Antony Kibuchi said.

Kibuchi said the object was later confirmed to be a bomb and was detonated on site.

“Bomb experts were able to detonate it safely,” he said.

Kibuchi did not give details on the kind of the bomb or how long it stayed there.

Last year, the military was forced to conduct a wide sensitisation campaign around Ngong after a bomb exploded on some children who were playing with it, unaware of its dangers.

It turned out that the ordnance had been left in the area during some military training stint.

Kibuchi is now urging city residents to be on a high alert and work closely with the security forces in providing vital information to help fight terrorism.

Members of the public with information on terror-related activities have been asked to call the police on 020 273 46 50.

The discovery came a day after a grenade was hurled at revelers at a pub in Mshomoroni, Kisauni in the outskirts of the port city of Mombasa, killing three people. 30 others were wounded.

Coast Provincial Police chief Aggrey Adoli has said they are holding one of the victims after he gave contradictory statements on what he was doing at the scene.

The suspect is being admitted to the Coast Provincial General Hospital where he is handcuffed to the hospital bed.

Police have said they will continue interrogating him to establish if he has vital information on the explosion that came just a day after the US government warned of an imminent attack in Mombasa and urged its nationals to leave immediately.

The Kenyan government has criticised the US for issuing the travel advisory, terming it an act of “economic sabotage”.

“It is not necessary at all, we have asked them to consider lifting it,” Head of the Civil Service Francis Kimemia said.


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