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Kenya: Briton Among 133 Nabbed in Terror Swoop
Capital FM Kenya
Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Briton and two Pakistanis are among 133 foreigners arrested in Nairobi on Sunday night, for allegedly being in the country illegally, police said.

Others are 81 Somalis, 47 Ethiopians and two Sudanese nationals who were picked up from various estates in a security operation mainly targeting foreigners staying in the country illegally.

"The suspects will be arraigned in court later today (Monday)," Police chief for Nairobi Antony Kibuchi said.

Kibuchi said they have launched a security operation code-named "Operation Fagia Wageni" (Operation sweep foreigners) targeting those who do not have valid papers.

He said the operation is part of the security measures the government has put in place to suppress terror threats the country is facing.

Most of the suspects were arrested in Eastleigh, South C, Pangani and estates in Eastlands, police said.

In the latest weeks, Kenya has been hit by a series of terror attacks blamed on the notorious Al Qaeda-linked Al Shabaab which has set base in neighbouring lawless country Somalia.

The latest attack occurred a week ago on Sunday when attackers linked to the terror group opened fire and hurled hand grenades in two churches in Garissa, killing 17 people -including 2 police officers.

The officers were the first to be killed and guns snatched from them as they guarded one of the churches, before the attackers stormed in the churches and killed worshippers.

Most of those who survived are alive today because they managed to dash out using a back door.

Police have since intensified security measures on al churched particularly in the border towns of North Eastern Province which appear to be key targets for the militant gangs.

Last week, a major security shake up was made in the region, in what Defense Minister Yusuf Haji said are measures aimed at restoring security there.


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