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Chiefs to keep register of all Garissa residents

Friday, December 14, 2012

Garissa people have been urged to maintain peace and order, even as the security agencies keep vigilance in the troubled, terror-prone town.

The district's peace secretary Hassan Shurie yesterday said it was important, the residents cooperate with the security forces in identifying criminals. He was addressing Garissa Ndogo town residents a day after the killings of a KDF soldier and a peace committee member.

The residents included traders in the ongoing peace forums organised by International Organisation for Immigration (IOM). Shurie called on them to cooperate with the chiefs who will soon register all the people in the area to identify themselves and family.

“It is through registering the people that criminals living in our midst will be identified," said Shurie. "Chiefs will keep track of all the people living in their areas and in case of a crime is committed, it will be easy to catch the culprits.”

Shurie urged the, NGO’s, clerics and the locals to cooperate with area chiefs in making a residents’ register saying that it was the only way of identifying aliens from war torn Somalia who have been linked to a spate of gun and grenade attacks aimed at the police and innocent members of the public.

 He said the registers have already been prepared in Waberi, Iftin and Galbet locations and warned those who have not registered will be deemed as criminals. The secretary condemned recent attack of a mosque in Eastleigh in Nairobi saying that the criminals are now aiming at creating religious animosity between Christians and Muslims.

He called on inter religious tolerance adding that it was the only way of restoring peace in the country. The ongoing peace forums have been organized by International Organization for Immigration (IOM).


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