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Police seize car with arms at Somali border

Friday, December 14, 2012

Garissa county commissioner Mohamed Maalim speaking yesterday during the jamuhuri day celebrations held Garissa primary grounds.

Police in Jarajila location, which is about 15 km from the Amuma border point have impounded a vehicles, arrested six suspects and recovered a cache of arms that included two pistols, 84 bullets and three grenades.

Garissa county commissioner Mohammed Maalim while addressing the press in his office said the vehicle which had 10 people on board was arrested by a combination of rural border patrol unit, AP and regular police officers.

“Four of the passengers escaped as police were inspecting the Land Cruiser," said Maalim. He said six of the suspects were arrested. The county boss said the security agents had gathered intelligence reports that yesterday's Jamhuri Day celebrations in Garissa town were to disrupted by criminals.

Maalim said this alert information led to the police to be extra-vigilant and inspect all the vehicles coming from the Somali border. The six suspects are being held at the Daadab police station as police continue with investigations.

Maalim said the impounded deadly weapons could have been used to kill people during the celebrations. He said the Anti-terror bill has been made law now and that “the government will not hesitate to confiscate the property of Kenyans being used to carry out terror activities."

“This Land Cruiser will act as a good example, because we are going to confiscate it," said Maalim. "We are determined to stop people with bad intentions of using their property or letting other use them to carry out criminal activities.”

Maalim blamed some unpatriotic Kenyans whom he said were out to wreck havoc, by creating fear and despondency. "The owner of the Land Cruiser is one such person." The administrator asked Kenyans to stop blaming the government for not cubing crime but cooperate and report criminals living in their midst.


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