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Kahda district commissioner vows justice for Abwan Beddel Jama Hersi

Wednesday April 20, 2022


Mogadishu (HOL) - ‎Abwan Beddel Jama Hersi was buried in Mogadishu on Tuesday. ‎The prominent Somali poet and the traditional elder was killed on Monday while leaving a mosque in the Kahda district after evening prayers.

Kahda district chairman Mohamed Yusuf said they have information about the people who killed Abwan Beddel, vowing to pursue the culprits relentlessly.

‎"We will track; we have information and will go anywhere. We are telling the perpetrators that they will not hide from us, and they will not be sheltered," said Kaxda district president Mohamed Yusuf. ‎

‎So far, no one has claimed responsibility for the killing of Abwana, although some Somali government officials have already accused Al Shabab. ‎

‎Abwan Beddel Jama Hersi was a well-known commentator on political issues. He was a strong supporter of President Farmajo and his administration and was fiercely outspoken against Farmajo's opposition in local media.

Farmajo has condemned the killing of Abwan Badal Jama and said that the poet would be remembered for his generosity and patriotism.



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