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Forging a national identity with music: Super Somali sounds from the Gulf Of Tadjoura

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Sunday April 4, 2021

The country of Djibouti declared its independence from France in 1977, with few resources and ethnic divisions fomented by their former colonial master.

Historically, Djibouti’s unique location at the narrowest southern point of the Red Sea puts it at a historical crossroads of trade, peoples, and cultures from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Like other African countries, the new political establishment found music as a vehicle to bring people together and decolonize their culture.

The vision for this new nation was expressed through the unique sounds of the 4 Mars band, a national touring orchestra that incorporates the many influences from being at that crossroads.

Global Revolutions’ Martin Alvarado spoke with Vik Sohonie from Ostinato Records about the fascinating musical history of that region, the label’s approach to cultural heritage, and their new release of music from Djibouti – Super Somali Sounds from the Gulf of Tadjoura.


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