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Puntland charges $68 for COVID-19 testing at airports against FGS set fee of $30

Thursday August 20, 2020

GAROWE (HOL) - Travelers leaving and entering Puntland are required to pay $68 for COVID-19 testing, double that recommended by the Federal Government.

A receipt from one of the travelers seen by HOL shows that travelers pay $68 to be tested for COVID-19.

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Some of the travelers who spoke to HOL complained the amounts were prohibitive especially in light of economic difficulties occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Federal Ministry of Health initially indicated that travelers will be charged no more that $30 for COVID-19 testing at airport facilities.

Somalia resumed international flights early this month after suspension in April following an upsurge in COVID-19.

As of Wednesday, Somalia had recorded 3,265 COVID-19 cases with 93 fatalities. Another 2,393 people have since recovered from the disease.

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