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HirShabelle agriculture minister shot dead in Jowhar

Monday August 17, 2020

MOGADISHU (HOL) - HirShabelle State Agriculture Minister Abdikadir Abuukar Karani was Monday evening shot dead in Jowhar.

Sources in the town have said the minister who is also an MP in the local government was gunned down by unidentified men as he left a mosque in the area.

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Karani was recently appointed minister in a mini reshuffle by state president Abdi Ware. The circumstances surrounding the killing of the local government official remains unknown.

The attackers are reported to have fled the scene. The killing of the minister comes barely a day after Federal Education Minister Godah Barre survived a car bomb attack in Beled-Hawo.

The Minister’s vehicle hit a landmine damaging it extensively but there were no casualties.

Al-Shabaab killed at least 20 people Sunday evening in Mogadishu in a beach front hotel attack located in the city’s Liddo Beach. More than 30 people were injured

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