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Eight Shabaab members get 15 years to life imprisonment for bomb attacks in Mogadishu

Tuesday November 5, 2019

MOGADISHU (HOL) - A military court in Mogadishu has handed jail terms of between life and 15 year to eight Al-Shabaab members found guilty of belonging to the group and coordinating bombings within Mogadishu.

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The court sitting in Mogadishu found the eight guilty of belonging to the out-lawed terrorist group Al-Shabaab and their involvement in suicide bombings in Mogadishu.

The court heard that the defendants among them one female also targeted military bases and installations within Mogadishu including threat to civilians.

Saafi Ise Arwaah, the state attorney told the court, was an active member of Al-Shabaab who benefited from respect of women and security agencies.

Ahmed Abdulkadir Ahmed was sentenced to life while the Farhaan Faarah Mohamud, Abdirahman Nuur Mohamed, Saafi Iise Arwaah, Yaasiin Mohamed Ahmed, Abdishakuur Ali Mohamud each received 15 years jail term.

The court also sentenced Farhan Yusuf Wehliye and Hasan Sheikh Abdullahi to eight years. The ninth suspect, Abdi Khadar Mire was acquitted for lack of evidence.

The sentencing of the eight comes barely two days after the same court charged three suspects for belonging to Al-Shabaab.

The defendants have 30 days to appeal their sentencing.


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