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Al-Shabaab militants kill couple in Baay region

Hiiraan Online
Saturday June 9, 2018

Mogadishu (HOL) - Suspected Al-Shabaab militants killed a couple on Friday night in Baay region after they raided a residential house of the family in Aw-Diinle village, 30 km west of Baidoa town, an official said Saturday.

The militants stepped up their assassination attacks against the government officials, elders and traders across the country.

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Aw-Diinle chief, Ali Hussein Ali who spoke to the media has confirmed the killing saying militants raided a house of businessman in the area shortly after dusk prayer.

"The couple and their children were having fast-breaking food at their home when armed Al-Shabab men raided and killed the man and his wife," said Ali.

The locals of Aw-Diinle village have identified the slain man as Mukhtar.

The official said Somali contingent of security personnel was deployed to hunt down suspected Al-Shabaab terrorists who killed the couple.

"Security forces have been dispatched to hunt down the perpetrators of the attack and the killers will be brought to justice soon," he affirmed.

Despite reports claiming that the government soldiers used to buy items from the shop of the couple, it is yet unclear the reason behind the killing.

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