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Youth Migration in Somalia: Causes, Consequences and Possible Remedies

Wednesday April 11, 2018

This research was aimed at investigating issues surrounding youth migration in Somalia. Citizens in seven populous cities in different geographical locations and administrations were surveyed and key informants were interviewed. The study has revealed that migration is high in even relatively peaceful places. The causes of migration are many, and the main factors are unemployment and economic difficulties; the unbalanced, privatized and under-regulated education system; peer pressure; strong smuggling networks; lack of reliable security; and the overall fragile and weak state institutions that have failed to create hope for citizens.

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The study also found that Somali migrants face enormous risks and challenges during the migration process including death, detention and sexual and physical abuse. Moreover, the majority of the migrants do not achieve the high expectations they had had before they migrated, and many face a difficult life in their destination countries. State authorities, the private and nonprofit sectors and the international community have had little impact on halting the flight of Somali youth. With new leadership in the federal government, the Somali authorities and the international community should prioritize tackling youth migration and its causes including creating opportunities for young people.

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