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2,400 Puntland soldiers join Somali national forces

Hiiraan Online
Friday December 1, 2017

GAROWE,(HOL)-The semi-autonomous regional state  of Puntland on Wednesday integrated 2,400 of its troop into the Somali National Army.

The soldiers have officially joined the Somali forces during a ceremony held at the 54th camp of Puntland forces in Garowe.

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Speaking at the ceremony Puntland vice president, Abdihakim Abdullahi Amay said that the 2,400 soldiers who are drawn from Punland's darwish forces will be part of Somali National Army (SNA) and will serve throughout the country.

Amay pledged that his administration will continue the integration exercise till Puntland forces merge with Somali Army.

"This process is in line with an agreement with the government. The Federal Government will be responsible for their salaries and all other needs of these soldiers,” said Amay

Federal government state minister of Defense Mohamed Ali Hagaa urged the troops to serve Somali nation and defend the country from external and internal enemies.

“Today is the beginning of integration starting with Puntland. You have to double your efforts to fight against the enemy and your leaders will make sure that you get salaries and other rights," said Hagaa.

Puntland military chief Sa’id Mohamed Hersi who was commissioning the event said the soldiers were selected from different sectors of Puntland Darwish forces.

The National Security Architecture provides that each regional state will contribute 3,000 troops to the national army.

SNA which once was among the strongest military forces in the continent is facing many challenges including corruption, clan rivalries, poor training and lack of funding. 


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