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Miraa supplier caught up in inter-clan fighting

Thursday August 6, 2015

A miraa supplier escaped death by a whisker when he was caught up in fighting between Ajuran and Dogodia communities last Friday.

Abduba Galgallo, 31, uses his motorbike to supply Basir village with khat, located 140km from Moyale.

Last Thursday, he left Moyale town with his usual supply and arrived in Basir village at 2pm. 

After finishing his business, Galgallo was taken in by a friend for the night. At about 3am gun shots rent the air. He woke up and realised the village was under attack.

"We ran into a nearby bush as the attackers indiscriminately shot at the villagers before setting houses on fire," he said.

According to Mr Galgallo, the local Dogodia community engaged the attackers, suspected to be from Ajuran community, for hours using AK 47 riffles, bombs and other light weapons. This went on until 6am.

All this time, there was no government response. "There is no communication network in the area and the road to Moyale was closed. We stayed in the bush for two days before I got courage to leave," Galgallo told The Standard in Moyale town.

According to a source, Administration Police officers attached to Basir village fled the area a week before the Friday attack. Unconfirmed reports put the number of the dead in the Friday attack at six. Ajuran and Dogodia communities have been fighting for months over control of resources.


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