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Somali media outlets condemn attacks on journalists
Sabahi Online
Wednesday, August 08, 2012

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The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) held a conference for media stakeholders last week to discuss improving journalists' security in the country, RBC Radio reported Monday (August 6th).

"The government should carry out urgent and independent investigations into the murders of the journalists; we cannot tolerate the ongoing impunity to continue," said NUSOJ Press Freedom Co-ordinator Abdurashid Abdulle Abikar. He encouraged media industry leaders to use editorial policies and employment contracts to protect journalists who work with them.

The meeting included media executives from Maanta Radio, Universal TV, Horn Caple TV, Kulmiye Radio, Dalsan Radio, Somali Zat TV, Risaala Radio, Xamar VOD radio, Mustaqbal Radio, and many others.

The NUSOJ conference follows the murder of Somali comedian Abdi Maleq Jeylani by unknown gunmen last week. Participants in the conference called for urgent investigations into Jeylani's and other journalists' recent murders.

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